Monday, 17 November 2014

November Currently

Hello All,

I'm super late to the partay this month, but I'm still here! Here we go!

Listening: Me and reality TV, seems like it's every month! These chefs are so fun with the kids as compared to when they work with adults. Cute

Loving: Mmmm, peppermint mochas (specifically Starbucks)...delicious Christmas in a cup! Yum!

Thinking: I should probably be working on a bunch of stuff, but I'm just going to veg in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Hey, reports are submitted, I deserve a night off!

Wanting: I'm pretty sure that I fried one of the fans in my "home" laptop. So it has power but won't turn on. I need to find some time (and a place) to take it in

Needing: I'm finding that I have no time for anything this year. We had Tuesday off last week for Remembrance Day and it was so nice to have that extra time.

Reading: I'm finally reading Gregor the Overlander! My students are obsessed with taking Catching Fire out of the library (even though they can't read it) that I thought it would appeal to my boys (and I just really love Suzanne Collins)!

Go join up with Farley to enjoy the fun!

That's it for me! TV is calling!

Take care,


  1. Hi Dawn! I've been meaning to check out Master Chef Junior. It looks like a fun show.
    Yup, Iove peppermint mochas, too!
    Good luck with your computer.
    BL Designs

  2. Dawn,

    LOVE Master Chef Junior! My husband and I watch it and commiserate about how talented those kiddos are when we still burn toast!

    I hope your computer gets fixed soon. On my end, I'm working on a laptop with a screen that has multicolored lines running through it. Sounds like we could both use an upgrade.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Shoe Laces & Sweet Faces