Sunday, 7 December 2014

December Currently

Here I am again, monthly like clockwork!

Thanks to Farley, it's time for December's currently:

Pretty self-explanatory I think. My classroom is practicing kindness by creating RACKs (Random Acts of Classroom Kindness) for all of the classes in our school. It's interesting to see how hard it is for them to think about doing these things without getting credit. They have come up with some great ideas for what we can do for each classroom K-8. I'm looking forward to the magic playdoh that we are making for some of the classes. Fun!

I'm so sad still that I haven't gotten my computer fixed yet. And (side note) that none of the cellular places anywhere around me have the iPhone that I want! Apparently they've only got 2 shipments since the darn things have come out. Grrr. 

Any elves out there want to figure out my Christmas shopping for me? I am so behind this year! Buhler? Buhler? Anybody? Darn. 

Now go link up (if I'm not the last person in the bloggy world to do so)!

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