Saturday, 28 June 2014

OhMyWord! I Blogged!

Hello, Stranger Peeps!

It has been foreva! Like, literally, almost forever! I'm going to put this in print so that (hopefully) it comes true: 2014-2015 is going to be the year when Dawn actually blogs. For reals. Hopefully you can help hold me to it. I am sooo bad. So a bit of a recap of what's gone on...

I started teaching back at my favourite school, this time in a Kinder/Gym position. Not necessarily my forte, but I very much enjoyed it. Some A lot of changes happened at school this year, almost half of our professional staff is leaving or moving into new positions. So I'm teaching Grade 3 next year. I'm excited to be in my very own classroom (not filled with someone else's stuff), and not having to share with anyone, as well as working full-time (and full-time classroom). Plus it is the room of a good friend who left for another position at a different school, which means that it's an open spot that could become mine if everything goes well this year.

Also a plus, I know all of my kids (they were in Kinder the first year I taught at the school) and I taught them Phys. Ed. all year. No need to learn any names! :)

I'm super excited for this new chapter, and for a work-free summer! I am helping out at my mom's store for two weeks, but other than that I'm free!

Here's to a summer of fun (and blogging)! Thanks for reading!

Take care,

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