Sunday, 7 December 2014

December Currently

Here I am again, monthly like clockwork!

Thanks to Farley, it's time for December's currently:

Pretty self-explanatory I think. My classroom is practicing kindness by creating RACKs (Random Acts of Classroom Kindness) for all of the classes in our school. It's interesting to see how hard it is for them to think about doing these things without getting credit. They have come up with some great ideas for what we can do for each classroom K-8. I'm looking forward to the magic playdoh that we are making for some of the classes. Fun!

I'm so sad still that I haven't gotten my computer fixed yet. And (side note) that none of the cellular places anywhere around me have the iPhone that I want! Apparently they've only got 2 shipments since the darn things have come out. Grrr. 

Any elves out there want to figure out my Christmas shopping for me? I am so behind this year! Buhler? Buhler? Anybody? Darn. 

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Monday, 17 November 2014

November Currently

Hello All,

I'm super late to the partay this month, but I'm still here! Here we go!

Listening: Me and reality TV, seems like it's every month! These chefs are so fun with the kids as compared to when they work with adults. Cute

Loving: Mmmm, peppermint mochas (specifically Starbucks)...delicious Christmas in a cup! Yum!

Thinking: I should probably be working on a bunch of stuff, but I'm just going to veg in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Hey, reports are submitted, I deserve a night off!

Wanting: I'm pretty sure that I fried one of the fans in my "home" laptop. So it has power but won't turn on. I need to find some time (and a place) to take it in

Needing: I'm finding that I have no time for anything this year. We had Tuesday off last week for Remembrance Day and it was so nice to have that extra time.

Reading: I'm finally reading Gregor the Overlander! My students are obsessed with taking Catching Fire out of the library (even though they can't read it) that I thought it would appeal to my boys (and I just really love Suzanne Collins)!

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That's it for me! TV is calling!

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

October Currently

Hello again!
I'm trying to continue to post at least once a month...and it seems like Currently is it! This year has been kicking my butt as my students are part of one of those "there was something in the water the year you were born" it's been challenging to say the least. I do have a couple of posts that I hope will be up this month. Fingers crossed that I can actually post more than once this month!

Without further ado, here is my currently for the month:


I think it's all pretty explanatory...for my next trick, I found some cool Hallowe'en themed Science experiments. You can find them here

Thanks again to Farley for the linky that keeps my little blog active!

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Monday, 1 September 2014

September Currently

Hello Peeps!

Well, at least I am getting consistent with posting my Currently's if nothing else! I promise my classroom reveal is coming this week (I had to wait til after the weekend for my new-to-me bookshelf to dry...and my pics would just be sad if all of my book bins were on the floor)!
Without further ado, here we go...

Thanks to Farley over at:

for being so awesome and original and for posting a super cute li'l camper themed currently! 

Here we go:

Listening: I love me some random reality TV! Food Truck is over and now I'm watching last night's Big Brother. I'm also trying to figure out Words their Way and how to get it started in my classroom. Any tips? :)

Loving: Glad that it's finally sunny today! It's been crazy rain off and on all weekend...not a good end to Labour Day weekend or summer! Tomorrow is my first *official* day back at school, even though I've been in every day the last two weeks trying to get ready. 

Thinking/Wanting: Fall at Starbucks means one thing to me...and it's not Pumpkin Spice! 

Needing: Just to figure out what my first few days of school will look like (kids come back Thursday). 

3 Trips: I may have mentioned before that we have some friends that moved to Ireland several years ago. My husband and I have been trying to make it out there since, but it hasn't happened yet. For the second one, I was going to say Florida but I have been to Disney before. So I changed it a little bit to Harry Potter World...such a HP nerd! And last but not least, I would love to go North and see more of that part of the country!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Come back later this week for my classroom reveal! 

Friday, 1 August 2014

August Currently

Hey All,

Twice in two months! Woo hoo (baby steps, people)!

I promise that I have the best intentions of being a better blogger once I have some time to get some school schtuff schtarted. ;)

Without further adieu, let's get to this month's currently:

Listening: So the dog is no longer wagging his tail (he was trying to get me to rub his tummy, the big suck, but it seems he gave up! Other than that, it's pretty quiet in the house. Hubs and I are just sitting. Usually I have the TV on but I'm content.

Loving: I agreed (when summer was just a distant dream) to work for my mom for two weeks when one of her employees went on holidays. Something came up, and two weeks turned into 3 and a bit. I am so excited to be almost done (6 more days, people!) so that I can enjoy a bit of time to myself before I can get back into my room and start full-on school mode.

Thinking: I really did want to have a bunch of stuff done and be super productive this summer. We have been productive, but more so in fixing some stuff up around the house etc. and not so much on the school front.

Wanting: So I am a total nerd and have been super jealous of all the classroom pics that I've been seeing on Instagram (side note: follow me @applesowlsmochas)... I totally wish that I could get some things done in my room, too! I've been thinking a lot about how I want to set things up, I'd like to see if things will actually fit where I want to put them!

Needing: So I was totally trying to turn a new leaf when it comes to preparedness...and I printed a bunch of new decor things at the end of the year so that I could use school ink instead of home ink. I know that I brought them home (I took them out once in an almost attempt to cut some), but they are nowhere to be found. Sigh. I hope that they didn't make it into the recycle bin!

And, lastly, our 1st day: The school will be open officially starting on August 18 for teachers to come in and organize, etc. Then our first day is the day after Labour Day--Sept. 2 (Divisional PD day), Sept. 3 is a school-based admin day, and Sept. 4 is the first day with kidlets!

Anyway, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July Currently

Hello Again,

Look at me, being all bloggy! I'm linking up with Farley over at:

for the July Currently! Without further ado:

Listening: It is definitely crazy how creative people are when they try to cross/send things over the border. I get nervous crossing when I haven't  done anything wrong! I could never be a smuggler!

Loving: This is the first summer I've taken off in the 7 years I've been teaching. I'm pretty excited, even though I don't really have any plans. Trying to convince the hubs to take a road trip to the States next week, but so far, no luck.

Thinking: My house has definitely been neglected the last couple of weeks as I worked to finish report cards and end of year stuff (Sidenote: I'm so excited that I don't have to write 100 reports [20 classroom + Phys. Ed.] next year!).

Wanting: I hate cleaning. :) And ohmigoodness if you could see my poor, waterlogged plants! I feel so bad for them. Just swimming :(

Needing: Our plan is to sell our house this summer. We are looking for some more space and a bigger yard for the fur baby to run around. But in order to do that, we have to stop being a teacher hoarder (me) and a regular hoarder-lite (hubs). He denies that he has lots of stuff, but I know the truth!! :)

4th Plans: Well, it's my friend's birthday, so I may call him in Ireland to wish him well. Other than that, just a regular Friday. Today is Canada Day, so happy 147th birthday to my beautiful country! No big plans today either....too rainy and yuck to go do much. So it looks like it's house cleaning for me! Sigh.

Have a great day, everyone!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

OhMyWord! I Blogged!

Hello, Stranger Peeps!

It has been foreva! Like, literally, almost forever! I'm going to put this in print so that (hopefully) it comes true: 2014-2015 is going to be the year when Dawn actually blogs. For reals. Hopefully you can help hold me to it. I am sooo bad. So a bit of a recap of what's gone on...

I started teaching back at my favourite school, this time in a Kinder/Gym position. Not necessarily my forte, but I very much enjoyed it. Some A lot of changes happened at school this year, almost half of our professional staff is leaving or moving into new positions. So I'm teaching Grade 3 next year. I'm excited to be in my very own classroom (not filled with someone else's stuff), and not having to share with anyone, as well as working full-time (and full-time classroom). Plus it is the room of a good friend who left for another position at a different school, which means that it's an open spot that could become mine if everything goes well this year.

Also a plus, I know all of my kids (they were in Kinder the first year I taught at the school) and I taught them Phys. Ed. all year. No need to learn any names! :)

I'm super excited for this new chapter, and for a work-free summer! I am helping out at my mom's store for two weeks, but other than that I'm free!

Here's to a summer of fun (and blogging)! Thanks for reading!

Take care,